Rockwall Studios

727 Studios

727 Studios is a small music production and recording studio, specializing in Vocal Recording and professional Mix/Master Services.

Bewick Records

Independent Record Label and Production Team

Brooklyn Floral Delight

Brooklyn Floral Delight is an individual cake decorator based in Brooklyn, it's all about beautiful flowers made with buttercream. I'm glad to be part your events (weddings, birthdays, baby showers etc) please contact for any inquiries.

Shawn Carney

Shawn is an incredibly talented Art Director at the New York Times for T Magazine and is an equally talented graphic designer and musician. He primarily uses his space at Rockwall Studios for design and painting.

Chai Fi Studios

Sound production and editing for musicians and films. A professional vocal booth and array of esoteric equipment situated in a relaxed environment.

Cozy Cuddlerz Inc.

David Engels, founder of CozyCuddlers, loves animals. David designs and sells comfortable, durable, and quality pet beds that are aesthetically pleasing. He uses his Rockwall studio as an office for CozyCuddlerz.


Visual Artist and Painter: fxmoya's art synthesizes a modern pixilation of colors. It is a sensual exploration of a compelling narrative visually reinterpreting familiar themes as contemporary subjects to give them relevancy and immediacy.

Bernard Garcia

Graduate from NYAA. Landscape paints daily in the city. I'm on a quest to discover my painting and drawing potential.

Hat Rabbit Studio

Hat Rabbit Studio provides a full range of stagecraft services, from page to stage, including fabrication, installation, training and workshopping, troubleshooting, and refurbishments of props, puppets, and costumes.

Lauren Lombardo

For the last 12 years, Lauren has been sculpting thousands of roses out of clay, creating large-scale wall-mounted installations. Her work is predominately commission-based, and is held in several private collections in the US.

Mister Reed

Mr. Reed has performed on the many great stages of New York City and around the world, including within his hometown of East New York Brooklyn, on the subway platforms, of New York City; Barcelona, Spain; and at Centraal Station in Amsterdam, Netherlands as an effective marketing tool to gain attention for his work. He has acted in, written original music, lyrics, score, and co-written treatments

NoizeWerk Studios

Will "Noize" Brown is a talented engineer, producer, & song writer that custom built NoizeWerk Studios to produce top quality audio products for the entertainment industry. Audio services include recording, mixing, mastering, and production. NoizeWerk Studios also provide artist management and consulting for your business needs.

Hannah Stahl

Hannah Stahl is a painter who works on both personal and commissioned work full time. She got her MFA from The NY Academy of Art in 2015.

The Mu Media

MU media is a collective of international filmmakers based in NYC. We’re bi-lingual, cross-cultural and multi-talented. From social documentaries to music videos, reality programs to animations, we’ve done it all. We’re dedicated to making powerful, innovative media that inspires and entertains.

The Sound of New York City

The Sound of New York City is a 24/7 web radio station and DJ school with programming based on the history of New York’s clubs like “Paradise Garage" and “The Loft." The facilities are also rented out as a recording studio and for independent radio podcasts.

Tupelo Productions

Tupelo Productions makes documentaries, commercials and music videos. Check out which has been winning awards!